Hey, guys ! how are you? welcome to our website. First of all congratulation on taking your first step towards fitness. I know many of you must be new and don’t know what exercise to do? or how to do the exercise ? or when to do the exercise? Well don’t worry, you have come to the perfect place. Consider me your new health instructor as I will tell you everything you need to know about exercises. With my guidance and techniques, you will be able to achieve your desired state of fitness in no time. So just follow my lead.So this article is especially for beginners. I mean if you are new to this field, and know nothing about exercising then you must read it. Today I will be talking about the various benefits of exercising. So if you want a reason to start your work out, then better read this article –


We all know that a healthy man is a wealthy man. An unfit and unhealthy man can do nothing ( he is a failure). So to have better health one must exercise. Regular exercise keeps the human body fit and free from diseases.


Everybody muscle needs to perform some activity. Due to the absence of regular physical activities, the muscles get lethargic and loses all its strength. So, in order to stay fit and gain some muscle strength, one must exercise regularly.


As I said, the muscles need some action. So as the body indulges in some physical action, the human body metabolism also increases. This increased rate of metabolism is very beneficial for the human health.


I am sure many of must have backaches, muscle cramps, sprain etc on a very regular basis. This all is a result of lack of physical exercise. Regular stretching and rotational exercise, keep the human muscle all stretched and toned. As a result of this the human muscle flexibility increases. Also, the risk of muscle problems is reduced to a great extent.


A scientific study has proven that a man who does not indulge in any kind of physical exercise suffer from hyper stress and tension. This can result in high blood pressure, migraines etc. On the other hand, a person who exercises on a regular basis is calmer, more stable and experiences the almost negligible amount of stress or tension.


I am sure you all me very much aware of this fact. That a person who exercises on a regular basis is less prone to fall sick. This is because, the exercises improves the immune system, increase the body metabolism, reduces stress, improves heart rate etc. In short, you are going to have a long and healthy life.


Have you seen people around you see, who seem very old and feeble according to their age? Well, these are the people who have nothing to do with physical exercise. Regular exercises help the human body to grow in a graceful way. A fit person carries himself in a better way and knows how to maintain their looks.

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