Julie Chen

Born on January 6, 1970 in Queens, New York, Julie Suzanne Chen is an news anchor and an American TV personality. She is popularly known as the host of the television reality show Big Brother since the year it started.

According to her beliefs, she in the showbiz industry lost her heredity and that when her son was born she could just withdraw and regain all her Chinese roots and it was the resurgence of something she left behind. Julie Chen plastic surgery Before And After Pictures

Julie Chen is another celeb of the many others who has been a part of the very talked about plastic surgery. Her Chinese facial cut and minute eyes forced her to go under the knife and join the queue. To get her way clear in the showbiz industry the celeb had to get her eyes done and this way she got into the way of plastic surgery. Let’s have a look at her plastic surgery revelations.

Eyelid surgery

well, getting a eyelid surgery is something Julie never denied. According to her if you are a Chinese or if you belong to the specie you will never be able to make it in this industry. She believed she was not being handed over the right opportunity due to her small miniature eyes and that it reflected in her career graph.

So she underwent double eyelid surgery to get the enlarged eye look she currently has and that she believed there was no possible way out this problem and that she could only make way out this by undergoing a plastic surgery procedure. This fixture of her  eyelids led to her getting more recognition and work in the industry and that she now feels much more confident.

But the true fact remains to be hidden, that one should accept oneself as being made and that it requires patience to make your way out to those impossible tasks which one day will surely become possible. In her case getting an eyelid surgery was though a good option but then it has now differentiated her from what she once owned.


A nose job here can be made out by making a comparison between her before and after pictures. There is a difference in her nose structure that can be easily observed. Her nose is now more pointed, has become narrower and is much more defined that it earlier used to be like the bulbous fat nose. Well, there’s no probable confirmation from her side but then the difference can be easily made out from her before and after pictures which clearly demarcate the difference between the general composition of her nose. Image Source: celebrityplasticsurgeryxp.com

Well, what Julie has had is clearly based upon races and that it is somewhat the mistake of both the industry and she herself as there is nothing in this world that can spoil a professional background that to the small size of her eyes. So it is extremely important to look at the world with a broader perspective.


The famous South Korean girl group also known as A Pink. The girl gang consists of Oh Ha- Young, Kim Nam- Joo, Son Na- Eun, Jung Eun- Ji, Park Cho- Rong, Yoon Bo-mi.  The girls are famous for their several of their albums and they debuted with their first single ‘NoNoNo’. The girls kick started their career in April, 2011 and till date has five mini albums by their name.

APink Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

The girl gang is not only famous for their career achievements and great singing skills but are also famed for their style and dressing sense. The six girl group is considered to be an A liners in getting through the plastic procedures and that five of these girls have surely tried their luck getting under the knife. Here’s a look at the speculated plastic procedures the girls have had to get that inching look.

Eyelid Surgery

getting an eyelid surgery is quite common in South Korea. Due to the small size of eyes, people there often go for a double eyelid surgery and aim at getting bigger and larger eyes. If we go on comparing her before and after pictures we will get to see that there’s a prominent difference in the size of her eyes and that the speculation is certainly confirmed with her getting one. Even Eunji is speculated to have it done. This double eyelid surgery is quite prominent in such places as people are very conscious about each and every detail in their body. Namjoo is also suspected to have a double eye lid surgery for the same reasons of course.

Nose Job

Eunji is also suspected to get a nose job done. Just like other plastic procedures even a nose job is gaining prominence in its very own way. Again, on comparing the before and after picture of her you can observe there is a narrow nasal gap and a thin and smooth nose rather than the big bulbous one. Well, a few of her fans believe that it is just the make -up that makes it look that way and there is no sign of her getting a plastic procedure.Even Na Eun is suspected to have not one but two nose jobs done. It is suspected that that she has had a huge difference in her nose before and the one she has now and that the shape which she has now was never the one that she had before.

Ha Young is supposed to be the only one who has not had a plastic surgery done and that she maintains her natural self and is happy with what she is and that fans are extremely happy of the fact that she’s carrying what she was born with and there’s no need of her to get artificial when she has got ample of talent to show off.Well, whatever it is we are very happy that the girl gang has got immense talent and that is what is important.